Navigating the Marketing Maze: My Journey from Graduation to Brandience

Navigating the Marketing Maze: My Journey from Graduation to Brandience
Navigating the Marketing Maze: My Journey from Graduation to Brandience
Danielle Dobinson
Navigating the Marketing Maze: My Journey from Graduation to Brandience

Eight months ago, I began my professional journey as a Media/Client Relationship Coordinator here at Brandience. Continue reading to gain valuable insight and practical tips through my experience during my job search after college.

In the spring of 2023, I earned my bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Cincinnati (UC). My passion for creativity, understanding the psychology behind marketing, and the art of brand differentiation has always intrigued me. As a student, I discovered that the field of marketing, while exciting, can also be intimidating, offering countless career paths. I often found myself wondering where my marketing degree would lead me. Where should I begin? What aspects of marketing truly resonate with me? I had to keep reminding myself, it is OKAY to not know your exact path after graduation.

The Transition: From University to Life at an Advertising Agency

During my time at UC, I interned with a couple companies to assist with social media content creation. This experience allowed me to appreciate the dynamic nature of a small company, where I witnessed the operations of all departments and learned beyond my job description. It was a real eye-opener! I found the collaborative, challenging, and rewarding nature of smaller teams appealed to me. I wanted to be more than just a “number” in a large corporation with minimal interaction with top leadership.

The journey to find the right role, however, was not without its challenges. After months of applications, interviews, and relentless searching, I began to question if I would ever find the right fit. The process was mentally taxing and navigating the uncertainty was daunting.

Despite the challenges, I remained focused on finding a company with a strong culture and growth opportunities. I believed that these key factors would provide the best learning environment and give me the experience I was eager to have. I always reminded myself to stay open-minded and apply for positions even if I did not fit 100% of the requirements. This openness to new and challenging experiences led me to Brandience, a company with a strong reputation and a team of passionate, loyal employees. I was thrilled to join and kickstart my career at an advertising agency.

Why Brandience Was Perfect For Me

· Personal Growth: Smaller teams offered more opportunities to take on responsibilities beyond my job description, which spurred rapid personal and professional growth.

· Direct Interaction with Leadership: I have direct access to the leadership team, which allows for more collaboration and mentorship opportunities.

· Flexibility: Brandience has a hybrid work schedule with three days in office and two work from home which gives me the best of both worlds.

· Client Relationships: We work very closely with our clients which helps build strong relationships and a deeper understanding of their needs.

· Broad Skill Development: I have the responsibility to wear many hats, which has enabled me to quickly develop a wide range of skills.

· Impact: Every team member’s work has a significant impact on the agency’s success.

Working at an agency with local clients offers a unique opportunity to see the impact of your work throughout the city. It’s a cool experience that deepens your understanding of the city’s history and the role your clients play in the community – it’s pretty awesome! The intimacy of the setting also allows for daily interactions with the leadership team, who know you by more than just your first name. I’ve never felt like just an ‘entry-level employee’; I’m a valued member of the team contributing to the agency’s success.

Embrace the Journey

As I begin my journey with my first marketing job, I find myself reflecting on the lessons learned in my college years. My focus was finding a positive environment and a small company that made a significant impact. The search process was demanding. It required consistent effort and a positive mindset, investing countless hours in searching, applying, and interviewing. But the benefit of that investment is worth it. Now I’m a proud member of an amazing team of creative marketers and have discovered my true passion within the field. If you’re a marketing graduate wondering how to utilize your degree, don’t give up on the dream. Jobs like mine are out there. I know, because I landed one! And thanks to Brandience, I’m well on my way to a career in marketing.