The power of connection

We live at the intersection of brand, audience, science and experience. Intersections can be confusing, especially if you haven’t travelled that way before. But they also lead to amazing places. It’s here that we tease out truths that matter. Dig for insights that resonate with consumers. And deliver experiences that inspire. But don’t worry, we don’t play in the street.

Brandience helps us stay the course towards achieving our ‘true north’ strategy and objectives.

VP Marketing

First Financial Bank

With many competing priorities across business lines, it’s easy to get caught up in solving daily challenges. Brandience helps us stay the course towards achieving our ‘true north’ strategy and objectives. The partnership was invaluable.

VP Marketing

First Financial Bank


Leadership works

Our clients benefit from direct involvement with agency leadership. We actively lead our teams on behalf of the brands we represent -- every day.

Design showing the words brand, audience, science, and experience.


Our 4-step process is in our name

We help identify your brand truths and use them to create engaging experiences for your target audience. All supported by the science of data analytics. Giving people a greater understanding of who your brand is, what it stands for, and why they should spend their money with you. Ultimately leading to your brand's growth.


Uncovering brand truths that mean the most to people.

  • Brand truths
  • Ideation
  • Strategy
  • Messaging
  • Creation

Matching the message to your target with pinpoint accuracy

  • Research
  • Understand the consumer
  • Business & customer insights

Elevating customer insights through advanced analytics.

  • Data
  • Advanced analytics
  • Modeling
  • Trends and market analytics

Executing go-to-market strategies that move your customers.

  • Activation
  • Engagement
  • Optimization


Our rules to be nimble

Many agencies SAY they are nimble but most either aren’t built for it or don’t like to work that way.

We have 5 rules we try to live by in order to stay nimble for our clients.

Only measure what’s meaningful
Given how much data is captured today, many things can be measured but we only measure what will make a difference. We love data but we don’t want to get weighed down by data that isn’t helping us be better at solving a client’s challenge.
Communicate openly but judiciously
How many emails are you copied on or meetings have you sat in that were a complete waste of your time? We want our clients to be informed and educated because that makes our lives easier and the work better. But if our clients don’t need to know something, we don’t bog them down with unnecessary information.
Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good
When creating things from scratch, it can be tempting to work them and work them and work them trying to make things perfect. Usually when you are 80% of the way there, the last 20% aren’t adding a lot of value. We’re not fans of bad or unfinished work, but we try to know when good is good enough to achieve the client’s objective.
Be able to sprint when necessary
Stuff happens. Emergencies come up. Priorities change. When a client needs something, we’re poised to sprint when we have to. And we know the best short cuts. Like any athlete, no one can sprint all the time but when we are called on to do it, we’ve got our running shoes on.
Be ready for what’s next
Having the ability to react is important (see rule #4). But being proactive and staying ahead of what’s coming cuts down on the number of times you have to use rule #4.

Brandience consistently delivers big ideas on a limited budget.

Aaron Bley, VP Community Relations & CDO


As a non-profit agency, we need to accomplish a lot with limited marketing resources. Brandience never uses this as an excuse. They consistently deliver big ideas on a limited budget.

Aaron Bley, VP Community Relations & CDO


Street view of Brandience


The Intersection of Riverside & Setchell

Our home office sits comfortably in one of Cincinnati’s oldest and most colorful neighborhoods on the banks of the Ohio River. Originally built as a neighborhood grocery, this storied structure has housed numerous businesses, including a stint as a biker bar.

Today, it’s a super-efficient, self-sufficient workspace from top to bottom. From the PV solar panels on the roof to the reclaimed rubber flooring under our feet.

Over the past two centuries, the Historic East End has attracted courageous explorers, skilled workers, gifted craftsman and entrepreneurs alike. Their indelible spirit, formidable work ethic and passion for life inspires us to create our own history on the daily.