Two Sides of Every Great Story

Two Sides of Every Great Story
Brian McHale
Two Sides of Every Great Story

A great idea driven by research data is hardly new to advertising. In fact, it’s been the foundation of great marketing and creative for decades. So why all the talk nowadays about “Data-Driven Creative?”

I think it’s pretty simple. Collecting rich data and identifying insights once required a laborious and intense research process. Now we have almost instant access to a wealth of knowledge about our industries, consumer purchase behavior and lifestyles. With so much more data at our fingertips, it’s become today’s hot topic.

Insights gleaned from this new wealth of data help to focus our strategy, so we can deliver truly insight-driven executions. They give us a look into audience behaviors and how we can engage them to deliver the most relevant creative communications in the ways people want to receive them.

As creatives, we long for more data and insights. Sometimes the most random piece of data will help us craft an unexpected story that drives a deeper emotional connection with the brand.

Our recent campaign for AAA Membership is a great example of how statistics and consumer behavior can inspire unexpected storytelling. This highly effective, award-winning campaign was based entirely on consumer insights gained from data-driven research.

One simple way to think about the two is that creativity makes people feel and think. Data qualifies that our message resonates with how we want them to think and feel.

Creativity and data have (and always have had) a symbiotic relationship in creating impactful consumer messaging. And greater access to data makes it easier for us to refine and optimize our message. It’s an exciting time to be a creative with so much knowledge and information about our consumers at our fingertips.