When Should My Brand Join TikTok?

When Should My Brand Join TikTok?
Allison Kluge
When Should My Brand Join TikTok?

Like many brands, you might be wondering if you should establish a presence on TikTok. After all, the video app has 100 million monthly active users in the U.S., and over 1 billion worldwide. But starting an account on a new platform requires time, resources, and money. Fortunately, TikTok has an advertising format that doesn’t require an organic profile!

They are called In-Feed Ads and they look just like all other TikTok content. The ads automatically appear after a user views a certain number of videos. This allows your brand (like many others) to still be in the TikTok space without having a profile for organic videos. The only difference is the audience can’t tap on your brand’s profile.

Tips & Requirements for In-Feed Ads

  1. Video must be between 9-15 seconds.
  2. Users can engage with your ad just like any other organic video. They can like, comment, share, and interact with the ad.
  3. The tone for in-feed ads is similar to current TikTok trends, to seamlessly integrate with users’ viewing experiences.
  4. These ads allow for multiple call to actions, such as allowing users to tap to your website, download your app, or shop.
  5. Your ad should be a “scroll-stopper.” You only have about 3 seconds to catch the TikTok user’s eye before they scroll to the next video. So, make sure your ad is full screen and is captivating enough to keep their attention.
  6. Do not just depend on sound, as your viewer might be watching with the sound off. Use text grab their attention immediately and convince them to turn on their sound. (Sawyer Hartman, CEO of Cameras on TikTok).
  7. Partner with influencers to promote your brand. The creator’s video will appear as an In-Feed Ad with a call-to-action. This is highly recommended, as TikTok Creators’ engagement rate is 5 times higher than on other platforms.

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In-Feed Ads just became easier for regional and local brands

You don’t have to be a large national or international brand to take advantage of TikTok In-Feed Ads. The platform already allows you to target at the state level. And TikTok recently added zip code-based targeting, which makes it much easier for regional and local brands to hit your target efficiently and effectively! So there’s really no reason to wait. Tapping into the TikTok audience is much easier than you may have imagined.