Brand Strategy

We create brands that stand out in the market.

Brian McHale

CEO & Owner

We create brands that stand out in the market. We use data, insights, and creativity to craft brand strategies that align with your vision, values, and goals.

Brian McHale

CEO & Owner

A strong brand is more than just a logo or a slogan. It’s a promise that you make to your customers, and a way to stand out from your competitors. It’s how you communicate your values, your personality, and your story. It’s how you connect with your audience on an emotional level and inspire them to take action.

At Brandience, we know that building a strong brand requires a customer-first, strategic, human, and credible approach. That’s why we developed a brand-building process that defines your brand in both current and future contexts and aligns it with your business objectives and success metrics.

Our brand strategy services include:
Brand foundation
Confirm or revitalize your brand vision, mission, values, and purpose, ensuring they are relevant and meaningful to your customers.
Identify and articulate your unique value proposition, and how you differentiate yourself from your competitors.
Brand name
Create a memorable and distinctive name reflecting your brand identity and personality.
Brand story
Craft a compelling and authentic story showcasing your brand history, culture, and achievements that resonates with your audience.
Brand architecture
Organize and structure your brand portfolio defining the relationships and roles of your sub-brands, products, and services.
Design strategy
Create a consistent and coherent visual identity expressing your brand essence and personality to enhance your brand recognition and recall.
Marketing strategy
Develop a strategic and integrated marketing plan leveraging your brand assets and delivering your brand message across multiple channels and touchpoints.
Whether you need to launch a new brand, refresh an existing one, or expand your brand portfolio, we can help you create a brand strategy that works for you and your customers. Contact us today and let’s get started.
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Other capabilities

Brandience is a Cincinnati-based brand and marketing agency that utilizes data to elevate our creativity and activate your ad investments in the best ways possible. All our disciplines -- from brand strategy, creative and advertising to media, social media and digital -- have data analytics as a core underpinning.

That enables us to focus our energy on the brand truths that mean the most to consumers. Creating and executing strategies that move your customers.