Data Analytics

We believe that data tells a story.

Maria Topken

Client Leadership

We believe that data tells a story. We use advanced data analytics tools and techniques to uncover the insights that drive your marketing strategy and performance.

Maria Topken

Client Leadership

At Brandience, our mantra is “creativity powered by data intel”. We believe data is the fuel that powers effective marketing and we use data to provide insights across all of our disciplines, from strategy and creative to media and digital. We specialize in helping clients in the retail, restaurant and healthcare industries to make smarter decisions, optimize their campaigns and achieve their goals.

We offer a range of data analytics services to help our clients get the most out of their data. We can:
Clean data
Remove errors, duplicates and inconsistencies from your data, ensuring that it is accurate, complete and reliable.
Organize data
Structure and categorize your data, making it easy to access, analyze and visualize.
Understand your data
Conduct a thorough audit of your existing data sources, systems and processes, identifying gaps and opportunities for improvement.
Optimize your performance and report your results
Monitor and measure the performance of your marketing campaigns, using data to test, learn and optimize your strategies to receive most effective advertising campaigns. We then present the results of the data analysis, using clear and compelling dashboards, reports and visualizations, highlighting the key insights and recommendations.
Recommend data capture strategies
Advise you on how to collect, store and manage your data, using the best tools and practices for your future data needs.
We are more than just a data analytics provider. We are a full-service marketing agency that uses data to inform and enhance every aspect of our work.

‍If you are interested in learning more about our data analytics capabilities and how we can help you grow your business, please contact us today. We would hear from you and discuss your data needs.
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Other capabilities

Brandience is a Cincinnati-based brand and marketing agency that utilizes data to elevate our creativity and activate your ad investments in the best ways possible. All our disciplines -- from brand strategy, creative and advertising to media, social media and digital -- have data analytics as a core underpinning.

That enables us to focus our energy on the brand truths that mean the most to consumers. Creating and executing strategies that move your customers.