Commercials That Stole the Super Bowl Spotlight

Commercials That Stole the Super Bowl Spotlight
Brandience Team
Commercials That Stole the Super Bowl Spotlight

Shhh! The commercials are back on!

Although the Super Bowl showcased the close match between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs, the real showdown happened when the commercials came back on. Each year, advertisers spend millions of dollars and put together their most creative work in hopes of catching the eyes of all the viewers tuning in. Hear from a few of our team members as we tell you our favorite 2024 Super Bowl commercials:

Michelob ULTRA: Superior Beach

“This one kept it simple but played on the ever-growing popularity of Lionel Messi playing in the US now and tied it in with him being in Miami by looping in former Miami Dolphin Hall of Fame Quarterback, Dan Marino. The quick shift away to Jason Sudeikis for the Ted Lasso reference sealed it for me as a big fan of Messi, Lasso and the game of soccer.  Michelob Ultra has always positioned itself as the beer for those with an “active lifestyle” and this stayed right on tone and position with their past.”

Superior Beach | Michelob ULTRA - YouTube

Bill Brassine, VP, Media Director

BMW USA: Christopher Walken in “Talkin Like Walken”

“I loved this ad because it was light-hearted and fun with an iconic actor and his voice. The ad successfully portrays BMW as a luxury brand, radiating sophistication and impeccable style. The inclusion of Usher further elevated the commercial, connecting it to his memorable performance during the Super Bowl Halftime Show. His iconic line, a resounding “Yeah,” added an extra layer of excitement and familiarity.”

BMW USA | Christopher Walken in "Talkin Like Walken" (ft. Usher)(

Danielle Dobinson, Media/Client Relationship Coordinator

CeraVe: “Michael CeraVe”

Michael Cera just makes me laugh – he’s naturally funny. Also, the subtle, cheesy buzz words like “Generosity” sprinkled in makes this marketing spoof ironically funny, while actually hitting on the key brand messaging.

“Michael CeraVe” I CeraVe Super Bowl (Long Form) - YouTube

Jess Poe, Account Director

Dunkin’: The DunKings

“I think I giggled all the way through the Dunkin ad. As a millennial through and through this one absolutely stole the show for me! The entire feel of it was nostalgic with the slight cringe factor that comes with looking back at most of the boy bands of the early 2000’s. But if we’re being completely honest here, that was a Matt Damon commercial, with additional guest stars!”

Dunkin’ ‘The DunKings’ ft Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Tom Brady, Jack Harlow, Jennifer Lopez, & Fat Joe - YouTube

Danyelle Horrillo, Director of Programmatic Media

Dove, Hard Knocks: A Dove Big Game Film

So glad to see Dove back in the Super Bowl!  Dove’s support of building girls’ confidence to keep them in sports was true to its vision and mission:  helping women and girls of all ages develop a positive relationship with the way they look. This brand has been building self-esteem with these types of ads since 2004. Dove has also developed a Body Confident Sport Program to provide further education. It’s more than just an ad to sell product.  Shout-out to all young girls – may we know them, love them, and keep them in the game! #KeepHerConfident.

Hard Knocks: A Dove Big Game Film | #KeepHerConfident - YouTube

Maria Topken, VP, Director of Client Leadership

State Farm: Like A Good Neighbaaa

Maybe it's because I’m a Gen Xer and can relate to popular 80’s action movies, or maybe it’s the humor of the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger being teased for his accent, but Agent State Farm was my favorite Superbowl commercial this year. The captivating movie style ad had everything from comedy to drama to nostalgia and even actor/comedian Danny Devito as a nod to another classic 80’s movie. Well done. Like a good “neighba”, State Farm for the win!

Like a Good Neighbaaa (:60) | feat. Arnold Schwarzenegger & Danny DeVito | StateFarm® Commercial - YouTube

Theresa Wood, Traffic/Billing Specialist

Etsy: Gift Mode

I was leaning toward the Kawasaki Ridge mullet spot until Etsy showed up with the Statue of Liberty. Any commercial that starts with “Oh crap, that’s a really good gift!” has got my attention. “Now we’ve gotta get France something.” Gift Easy with Gift Mode. Done.

Gift Mode: Etsy’s 2024 Big Game Commercial - YouTube

Tim Hogan, VP, Executive Creative Director

E*Trade: Picklebabies

This commercial won my heart in two ways – my love for pickleball and two adorable babies. The comedic relief on top of all the cuteness made this my top choice by far. As pickleball has become, and continues to be, a popular sport, E*TRADE saw the opportunity and went for it. I’m sure this caught the eyes of many viewers as it wasn’t overwhelming and flashy, but instead, adorable and funny. This was definitely the biggest win in my book!

E*TRADE Baby Commercial - Picklebabies - YouTube

Emma Schulok, Marketing Coordinator